I am currently working on three book projects as part of my research.

The first project is based on my doctoral thesis, titled Expanded Poetry: Poetic Artifacts, Media, and Participation in Chile during the Cold War (1952-1989). This study examines the role of expanded poetry in Chile as an imaginative response to the Cold War. It highlights its expansive and political nature through the analysis of four Chilean poets and artists: Nicanor Parra, Juan Pablo Langlois, Guillermo Deisler, and Cecilia Vicuña. The research argues that these innovative poetic practices not only challenged rigid structures of literature and art as institutions of power but also reclaimed the originally expansive and creative dimension of poetry. By examining these four cases, this study contributes to the understanding of how poetry served as a vehicle for political imagination and expansion beyond traditional artistic genres and media in the context of the Cold War.

My second project explores animation cinema in Latin America. By conducting extensive research on film archives in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, I aim to demonstrate how a particular strand of Latin American animated cinema has been concerned with investigating reality and understanding animation as a form of documentary for examining the remnants of history.

The third project is a collaborative edited book with Thomas Matusiak (SWPS University, Warsaw) on the documentary turn in recent Latin American visual arts and literature. The book will feature articles by leading specialists in the field.

In addition to these projects, my research includes published articles on Roberto Bolaño, and I am also investigating the intersection of artificial intelligence and literature.